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The mission of the Hill Center for World Studies is to raise our general level of world historical consciousness. Toward this end we focus on the historical study of empires since 1500 and we bring to your attention the insights offered by new scholarship.

The HCWS staff and its Working Group maintain this website. On it we post materials that we and our participating scholars have developed: curricular suggestions, short articles, annotated bibliographies and web links dealing with our current topic of inquiry. The material is intended for all students of history—and by students we mean not just scholars and teachers, but all (far from) 'ordinary' citizens, eager to understand and even to change the world, or at least the way we think about it.

As a teacher-scholar collaborative we have been in operation since 2000. We have now concluded our service aimed specifically at teachers, and as of 2009, we instead are producing 'virtual' workshops on this site. We do intend to sponsor an annual lecture and information about it will be published on the topic homepage. We continue to archive materials from some of the workshops we have presented on various college and university campuses since we began.

Our topic for the year 2010, is Pacific Renaissance: Laboratory for the Study of Cultural Globalization, click here to go to the Pacific Renaissance Home page.

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The Empires project

The goal of this project is to pull together a vast amount of scholarship on empires and imperialism, produced over the past three decades, in order to help our audiences imagine the world through the imperial rubric.

Empires and Science: Workshop Papers.

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Previous workshops

2000-2003: The New Ways of Looking at the World Seminar

2000: Historiography and Historical Method

2001: Reconstructing the Past through Objects, Texts and Traditions

2002: On Violence

2003: The Afterlife of Workshops

2003: Modernity and East Asia (New York University)

2004: The Hajj in History (Packer Collegiate School)

2004: Korea (Smith Museum of Art)

2005: Cambodia: History, Memory, and the Arts (Marlboro College)

2006: Islam and Modernity in Middle Eastern Scholarship (Kevorkian Center, New York University)

2007: Comparative Approaches to the Study of Empires: Rome and India

2008: Empires and Science

2009: Empires, Science, Travel, Art

2009: Hill Center Lecture: " Using Museum Collections to Understand Cultural Diversity in Papua New Guinea" Robert Welsch, Franklin Pierce University

2010 The Hill Center Lecture: "Cheap Meat: Globalization and Food in the Pacific Islands" Deborah Gewertz, Amherst College, and Frederick Errington, professor emeritus, Trinity College (Hartford)

At an evening seminar with the HCWS Reading Group, on Friday, April 9, in Northampton, MA. the authors discussed their recent book, "Cheap Meat: Flap Food Nations in the Pacific Islands" in the context of a globalizing economy and the quest for sustainability.


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